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Augment your reality with GLOW800* AR fluorescence – coming soon

What could more visual data do for you in the OR? Be one of the first to find out by registering for pre-information about our GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence.

Ask yourself

  • What if you could leave behind today’s cumbersome workflow of switching between a black & white Near Infrared fluorescence image and white light microscope view?
  • What could you accomplish if you could see the white light image combined with colored NIR fluorescence flow directly in your eyepieces in real-time?

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Discover more about the benefits of GLOW800 augmented reality fluorescence and be informed of the launch date before anyone else.

*GLOW800 is not yet cleared for use.

Photos courtesy of Cleopatra Charalampaki, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Cologne Medical Center, Germany and Kyousuke Kamada, MD, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Asahikawa Medical University, Japan.


Near infrared fluorescence imaging


Augmented Reality fluorescence imaging

FL800 compared to GLOW800
Image simulation of vascular blood flow viewed with FL800 fluorescence imaging and GLOW800 AR fluorescence imaging.

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