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Imaging Documentation Software for Mac OS Leica Acquire

Leica Acquire is a software environment which allows the acquisition, analysis and processing of high quality digital images using Leica cameras and stereo-microscopes on an Apple Mac. The Software guides the user through the camera settings for high quality imaging and allows the user to easily fine tune the image to obtain the best quality.

It is compatible with the Leica EZ4 HD stereomicroscope, as well as the Leica EC3, Leica ICC50 HD, Leica IC80 HD, MC120 HD, MC170 HD digital cameras as wells as the Leica DMS300 and Leica DMS1000. The software provides an ideal common, easy-to-use, consistent platform for basic education, industry and life science applications.

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Leica Acquire

Your Advantages

Simple User Interface

Provides an easy to understand workflow for routine tasks

High-resolution imaging

For a variety of basic imaging needs such as visualization, enhancement and documentation

Store images quickly

Provides a common environment and user-friendly, consistent platform for all Leica Educational Cameras to store images quickly and accurately