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Firearms and Toolmarks

Examination of firearms and tool marks requires the right combination of superior microscope optics, precise illumination and smart software solutions to help you uncover unique surface characteristics. Find, identify, compare and document matches with Leica Microsystems' modular, compact and integrated microscopy solutions.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for firearms and toolmarks.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica M80 stereomicroscope for Firearms and Tool Mark examination

Examine, identify and document firearms and toolmarks accurately and comfortably with the Leica M80 stereomicroscope. Its modular design supports multiple configurations and applications with unparalleled optical performance and stability. Paired with the Leica MC170 HD digital camera and easy-to-use Leica Application Suite software, this Forensics package provides a complete solution allowing you to do more and see more through a large field of view, increased depth of focus and faster routine analysis through LAS automation.

Top Compound Solution

Leica FS C comparison microscope for Firearms and Tool Mark Examination

Increase reproducibility, accuracy and efficiency in firearms and toolmark examination with the Leica FS C automated comparison macroscope. This modular, motorized solution provides intelligent automation through complete integration of microscope, Leica DFC450 camera, and Leica Application Suite software modules: Extended Annotation, Measurement and Montage. This complete platform features outstanding ergonomic design, various imaging modes and motorized functions to enhance comparison, measurement and documentation of evidence.