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Questioned Documents and Handwriting

Questioned document examination calls for detailed microscopic analysis for revealing alterations, genuineness or sources of documents. Whether you are exposing forgery, counterfeiting, identity theft or fraud, Leica's range of microscopes, cameras and software solutions help you easily, accurately, and comfortably examine, compare and document your findings.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for questioned documents and handwriting.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica S6 E stereomicroscope for Questioned Documents and Handwriting Examination

Take advantage of large field of view and high depth of field for detailed document analysis with the Leica S6 stereomicroscope. When combined with the Leica DFC290 HD digital camera and Leica Application Suite software, this 6.3:1 zoom system reduces sample handling and improves inspection times for fast, accurate inspection and documentation.