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Trace Evidence

Reconstructing events through trace evidence requires precise microscopic analysis and proper care to minimize damage to the sample. Whether you are examining fibers, hair, paint, fingerprints, residue or other trace materials, Leica Microsystems offers powerful and customizable microscope solutions with a wide range of illumination and documentation options.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for trace evidence.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica M80 stereomicroscope for Trace Evidence examination

Analyze and examine trace evidence with improved depth of focus and improved resolution with the Leica M80 stereomicroscope. Combined with the Leica MC170 HD digital camera and Leica Application Suite software, this featured forensic solution helps you to easily replicate measurements and document findings while protecting delicate trace materials samples such as hair or fibers.

Top Compound Solution

Leica FS4000 LED comparison microscope for Trace Evidence examination

Experience unequalled user friendliness and ergonomy with a variety of contrast techniques with the Leica FS4000 LED forensic comparison microscope for trace materials.  Paired with the Leica DFC450 digital camera, and Leica Application Suite software, this integrated solution provides convenient, one-button control, programmable functions and exceptional optical fidelity.