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Medical Device Manufacturing

Reliable image capture and analysis for your RA/QA documentation

With digital microscope solutions from Leica you can rely on what you see when documenting for medical device production or development.

Be confident in the image results

Digital microscopes deliver trustworthy image data ensuring that what you see is what it is. Experience real-time, high quality digital imaging with a 10 MP camera and a rate up to 37 frames per second, combined with intelligent software functions and encoded system parameters. Identify, validate, and document quickly to help fulfill the compliance and safety requirements for your products and components.

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A) Single lens showing chromatic aberration. B) Achromatically corrected compound lens (like an objective lens). The arrow marks the lens focal point.

Be confident in the image data, perform reliable inspection

Our imaging systems use award-winning optics and high resolution digital cameras, so they produce distortion free images.

Such image data is a big advantage for reliable and efficient documentation necessary for medical device and instrumentation manufacturing.

Generally, optics can have these types of aberration which require correction:

  • monochromatic (independent of the light’s wavelength [color]), such as astigmatism, coma, and field curvature
  • chromatic (dependent on the light’s wavelength).

Our planapochromatically corrected optics are of the highest class providing flawless images. In addition, Leica digital microscope cameras use sensors with up to 10 megapixels and a live image recording rate of up to 37 frames per second.

For more details, refer to Leica objective lenses and optics.

Document with less effort for RA/QA compliance

A proficient documentation workflow can also help you to adapt and comply more easily with RA/QA requirements. They are becoming ever stricter for  medical device and instrument manufacturing. Leica imaging solutions allow you to obtain reliable, reproducible results handily, giving you peace of mind during documentation.

Report generation with Leica software

As an example, measurements on images of bone screws and a fixation plate have been made with the software Leica Application Suite (LAS) X. A report of the results can be quickly generated for documentation with one click using a customizable template.

For more details on measuring and documenting with LAS X, refer to our report Inspecting and Analyzing Printed Circuit Boards Quickly and Reliably with a Digital Microscope.

Screws and a plate that were used for fixation of fractured bones in a person’s hand and wrist.
Screws and a plate used for fixation of fractured bones in a person’s hand and wrist.

Image of a screw taken at higher magnification. Measurements of lengths, areas, angles, etc. have been made using the Leica LAS X software.
Image of a screw taken at higher magnification.
Example cover page for a documentation report.
Example cover page for a documentation report.

Our Imaging experts are available all over the world

Leica Microsystems’ global team of experts is committed at all times to help you find optimal imaging solutions to meet your documentation needs. We are always ready to share our technical knowledge with you. Our experts include:

  • Application specialists
  • R&D experts
  • Sales reps
  • After-sales support.

Our history in optics goes back 165 years. You can find our team of experts in 52 countries.

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