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Medical Device Manufacturing

Reliable image capture and analysis for your RA/QA documentation

With digital microscope solutions from Leica you can rely on what you see when documenting for medical device production or development.

Be confident in the image results

Digital microscopes deliver trustworthy image data ensuring that what you see is what it is. Experience real-time, high quality digital imaging with a 10 MP camera and a rate up to 37 frames per second, combined with intelligent software functions and encoded system parameters. Identify, validate, and document quickly to help fulfill the compliance and safety requirements for your products and components.

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Save time for what really matters with efficient documentation 

An efficient documentation workflow can help you to spend more time on developing better quality devices with the aim of improving patients’ quality of life. Excellent optics and software from Leica deliver precise and smart documentation features to make image acquisition and reporting easy. Results can be documented reliably in a standard way and comply with RA/QA requirements regardless of the operator’s level of experience.

Keeping up with stricter RA/QA requirements

The 2016 Swiss MedTech Industry Sector Study, a survey of more than 300 medical device companies revealed industry concerns regarding ever more rapid innovation cycles and compliance with always stricter quality and regulatory (RA/QA) requirements . Leica imaging solutions deliver reliable, reproducible results efficiently, giving you peace of mind during documentation to comply with RA/QA regulations for medical device production.

Answers from the Application Experts 

Our team of digital imaging experts at Leica is on your side, ready to help you find imaging solutions for your current and future needs and questions like:

How to ensure reproducibility of analysis?

Smart documentation features like the store and recall function save and reload the system parameters with every image

How to streamline documentation?

Save data to customized report templates to help meet documentation standards efficiently

How to evaluate digital microscope images?

High performance objectives from traditional microscope optics ensures reliable images