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PCB & Electronics Manufacturing

Your role in PCB & Electronics manufacturing is critical and requires individualized imaging and analysis microscope solutions to help you efficiently assemble, inspect, measure, analyze, and document your work while ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Leica Microsystems' ergonomic microscope solutions can help you improve production efficiency and reduce user muscle strain from repetitive tasks without sacrificing the excellent results you need for your delicate line of work.

Learn more about our high quality ergonomic, affordable microscopy solutions for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and microelectronic component inspection below.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for PCB and electronics.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory

Efficiently achieve the most accurate results in your QA (Quality Assurance), RA (Regulatory Assurance), and FA (Failure Analysis) work in the PCB and electronics manufacturing industry with precise and efficient microscope solutions from Leica Microsystems.  Quickly replace and check electrical components for prototype and functional tests with a range of solutions featuring the imaging and analysis tools and intuitive operation you need.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica M205 C stereomicroscope for PCB and Electronics Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

To help you efficiently deliver the most accurate results, the Leica M205 C PCB & Electronics RA/QA/FA stereomicroscope combines high resolution and large depth of field with Leica FusionOptics. This precise 3D optical system is modular and powerful for imaging structural details down to 952 nm. Package includes: Leica M205 C Stereomicroscope with Ergo Trinocular Tube, Leica LED5000 SLI (spot light) or RL (ring light) Illumination, Leica DFC450 Digital Camera, and Leica Application Suite (LAS) Montage, Measurement, and Store & Recall Microscope Software.

Top Compound Solution

Leica DM2700 upright microscope for PCB and Electronics Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

The versatile Leica DM2700 M PCB & Electronics RA/QA/FA compound microscope offers powerful illumination technology and a wide range of contrast methods: ultra-bright, high-power LED illumination, plus brightfield, darkfield, interference contrast, and polarized light contrast. Experience ease-of-use with improved visualization of PCS and component surface inspection details, comfortable ergonomic design, intuitive controls, and high quality objectives. Package includes: Leica DM2700 M Compound Microscope, Transmitted and Incident Light Illumination (TLIL), Leica MC170 HD Digital Camera, Live Image Builder, and Leica Application Suite (LAS) Microscope Software Modules Interactive Measurement and Layer Thickness.

Top Digital Solution

Leica DVM6 digital microscope for PCB and Electronics Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Leica Microsystems offers PCB and Electronics RA/QA/FA digital microscope solutions including the Leica DVM6, which combines Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) software, an integrated 10-megapixel digital camera, different integrated illumination options and outstanding optics for precise, effective digital imaging and analysis of entire board assemblies or single components and wafer structures. The tilting feature allows to inspect complex samples at any angle. This versatile inspection system can be configured as a cost-effective entry-level solution or a high performance 3D imaging and analysis tool.
Premium software package includes: image capture and image management, 2D measuring and annotations, images with high depth of field, autofocus function, multi-focus images with 3D view and 3D measurement, automatic XY panoramas in 2D and 3D.


Maximize productivity while ensuring user comfort with ergonomic PCB and Electronic Assembly microscopy solutions from Leica Microsystems.  These imaging and analysis systems provide accuracy and increased speed for efficiently assembling high quality end products.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica M60 stereomicroscope for PCB and Electronics Assembly

You can enjoy comfort, accuracy, and productivity along with the best quality end results using the Leica M60 PCB and Electronics Assembly stereomicroscope solution. Package includes: Leica M60 Stereomicroscope, .63x Objective, 10x Eyepieces, Ergo Wedge Accessory, Binocular Tube, Leica LED3000 Illumination, Focus Column, Microscope Carrier, and Base.


Find and correct defects with comfort and accuracy with PCB and Electronics Inspection microscopes from Leica Microsystems.  These versatile systems offer a large breadth of configured and customizable imaging and analysis solutions to meet your exact application and budgetary needs.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Leica A60 stereomicroscope for PCB and Electronics Inspection

Providing you with the comfort of ample working space and excellent optical accuracy during inspection tasks, the Leica A60 F PCB and Electronics Inspection stereomicroscope combines high resolution and a large depth of field together for crisp, clear 3-D visualization of your samples. The Leica A60 F (Flex arm) / S (Swing arm) Stereomicroscope with FusionOpticsTM also features energy-saving LED illumination which makes lamp replacement unnecessary, lowering your operating costs and helps to protect the user's eyes.


Limit loss on expensive electronics through higher-quality re-work and increase worker comfort with accurate and ergonomic microscopy solutions from Leica Microsystems. The result: higher throughput, better product quality, and less muscle strain for the microscope user. Line managers also benefit from the improved production efficiency offered by optimized Re-work Leica Microsystems imaging systems.

Top Stereomicroscope Solution

Providing ample, comfortable work space and precise visual accuracy, the Leica A60 F PCB and Electronics Rework stereomicroscope features crisp, clear FusionOptics to give high resolution and a large depth of field simultaneously. The Leica A60 F (Flex arm) / S (Swing arm) stereomicroscope provides energy-saving LED illumination, making lamp replacement unnecessary, which can lower operating costs as well as help protect the user's eyes.