Leica EZ4 D Education Stereomicroscopes

Educational Stereo Microscope with Integrated LED llumination and Digital 3 MP Camera Leica EZ4 D

替换为 Leica EZ4 HD

The Leica EZ4 D stereo microscope offers a high quality 4.4:1 zoom for university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and chemistry and provides over 20 years of bright LED illumination which saves time and cost of replacement bulbs.

The 7 LEDs provide incident, oblique and transmitted light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application. The integrated digital camera offers a fast live video on a computer screen or analogue TV screen transfering a stereo into a USB microscope. It captures 3 Mpixel color images directly onto an SD card or to Windows or Mac computer.

The intuitive LAS EZ software for PC includes basic measurement, annotation and archiving.

7-way LED illumination provides incident, oblique and transmitted light.

Leica EZ4 HD
Leica EZ4 HD 实现高清!- 教学立体显微镜,具备集成的LED照明和高清摄像头
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