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Leica Microsystems’ corporate communications team provides journalists and editors with news and press releases on corporate topics as well as product and application news from the fields of life science research, industry, medical and electron microscopy sample preparation. If you would like to be included in our distribution list, please let us know – just contact us via corporate.communications@leica-microsystems.com.

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Allrounder Color Camera for Industrial and Life Science Microscopy

Published: 21 July 2015

Leica DMC4500 with 5-Megapixel CCD Sensor and USB 3.0 Interface

Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Leica Microsystems launches the Leica DMC4500 allrounder camera, an ideal tool for advanced analysis and documentation. It can be used in industrial applications such as quality control and life science applications such as pathology, or pharmaceutical testing. The camera is...


New Fully Coded, Semi-Automated Polarization Microscope

Published: 13 July 2015

Leica DM4 P for Convenient Investigation of Crystalline Structures

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems launches the Leica DM4 P polarization microscope for the investigation of crystalline structures such as minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement. The Leica DM4 P is fully coded and semi-automated, can either be...


New Automated Upright Microscopes for Materials Science and Analysis

Published: 09 July 2015

Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M for Consistent Imaging Conditions and Reliable Results

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems launches the Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M upright microscopes for materials investigation. The systems are designed for imaging, measurement, and analysis of similar features across many samples and materials. While the Leica DM4 M is designed for manual routine...


New Laser Microdissection Microscope Series with LED for Transmitted Light

Published: 08 July 2015

Leica LMD6 and Leica LMD7 Succeed Leica LMD6500 and Leica LMD7000

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems has launched two instruments of the laser microdissection microscope series, the Leica LMD6 and the LMD7, with LED illumination for transmitted light. Users can now choose between halogen and LED illumination. LEDs are an energy-efficient light source providing...


New Upright Microscopes for Life Science Research and Clinical Applications

Published: 07 July 2015

Leica DM4 B and Leica DM6 B with LED Illumination and 19 mm Field of View for Simple, Fast, and Flexible Microscopy

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems launches the upright microscopes Leica DM4 B and Leica DM6 B for life science research and clinical applications. The two systems succeed the Leica DM4000 B, Leica DM5000 B, Leica DM5500 B, and Leica DM6000 B, and build on this previous generation of automated...