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Local Addresses

Leica do BrasilImportação e Comércio Ltda. CNPJ: 52-201.456/0001-13
Microscopy Products (Life Science), Camera & Software Systems (Life Science), Confocal Microscopy Systems, Nanotechnology, Histology Systems, Advanced Staining Instruments and Consumables
15º andar conjutos 92 93 e 94 Edificio Memorial Office Building Rua Julo Gonzalez no 132
Barra Funda, Sao Paulo, 01156-060 Brazil
Office Phone: +55 11 2764.2411
Fax: +55 11 2764.2400
C.K. Comercio e Representacao Ltda.
Microscopy Products (Materials Science, exclusive in Forensic Microscopy), Camera & Software Systems (Materials Science)
Rua Capitao Otavio Machado 909 Chacara Santo Antonio
Sao Paulo, 04718-001 Brazil
Office Phone: +55 11 51827588
Fax: +55 11 51827588
Elmi-Tec Assistencia Técnica,Representacao e Comércio Ltda. - ME
Leica products for SEM Sample Preparation
Rua Bernardino de Campos 551 - Brooklin
Sao Paulo - SP, CEP:04620-002 Brazil
Office Phone: +55 11 5532 0740
Fax: +55 11 5535 3598