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INEL - medicinska tehnika d.o.o.
Exclusive: Life Science Research Microscopy: Confocal Microscopy, Widefield Microscopy, Nanotechnology, Clinical Microscopy, Industry Microscopy, Surgical Microscopy, Histology InstrumentsNon-exclusive: Histology Consumables, Advanced Staining Instruments, Advanced Staining Consumables
Turinina 5
Zagreb, 10 010 Croatia
Office Phone: +385 1 6175 150
Fax: +385 1 6520 966
Premed Pharma Kft
Surgical Microscopy: Ophthalmology, Croatia: Surgical Microscopy: NEUR/ENT/Plastics & Ophthalmology, Bioptigen
Rétköz u.18.
Budapest, 1118 Hungary
Office Phone: +3630 9 519491
Fax: +36 23 889 710