Leica Trinocular ErgoTube 5 - 45 Ergonomics

Proporciona una amplia variedad de opciones de ajuste Leica Trinocular ErgoTube 5 - 45

The Leica Trinocular ErgoTube® (5° - 45° observation angle) provides a wide range of adjustment options to provide a comfortable, relaxed seated position at the microscope.

The Leica ErgoTube® is designed to provide maximum comfort for all users, especially during long hours of work at the microscope. The built in photo port offers an option to integrate any of the Leica DFC series digital cameras.

Article No: 10450044

  • Applicable to: Leica M125, M165 C, M165 FC,
    M205 C, M205 A, M205 FA
  • Retrofitable to: Leica MS5, MZ-Series, M3B/C/Z
ErgoTube is a trademark of Leica Microsystems, registered in the United States.
Leica Trinocular ErgoTube 5 - 45