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    no other coaters have every detail so confidently covered

    Leica Microsystems is renowned for innovation, engineering and leading-edge products that make your imaging clearer, as well as simpler to achieve. And nowhere is this more perfectly demonstrated than with the new range of Leica ACE Coaters.

    Consider the unique, ground-breaking designs. A confident, bold approach has overturned the old conventions of coater design and allowed a refreshingly small footprint. And the easy-to-use elegant Leica software solutions have more than just an element of simplicity about them to keep your workflow flowing productively.

    We have applied the elements of fresh thinking and precision to each Leica ACE Coater. So that at the defining moment, your sample preparation can capture every precious detail, every time.

  • The element of ReproducibilityIt's what a Leica coater coats with

    This is one element that truly sets a new Leica ACE Coater apart. Reproducibility is always vital in good science, and Leica ACE Coaters utilize a unique quartz crystal measurement technology to deliver accurate real-time measurement of the layer deposition. This ensures enhanced and supremely controllable coating precision and thus reassuringly consistent sample preparation.

    So not only does a Leica ACE Coater offer you the performance to capture every precious detail. It will capture it time after time.

  • The element of ConfidenceIt's what a Leica coater coats with

    Our new range of Leica ACE Coaters are certainly designed around unique and remarkable technological innovations: but they're also engineered around a clear understanding of what you need as the user.

    This means enormous versatility, amazingly precise control and a simple, elegant digital interface to ensure what you need to do is achieved with the minimum of complexity.

    We know you need to be confident in the sample coating, and we're confident you will be with a Leica ACE Coater.

  • The element of SimplicityIt's what a Leica coater coats with

    Automated process run, assisted parameter and protocol settings, configuration to your needs. You can concentrate on your science — our new Leica ACE Coaters take care of all the other details.

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    Explore the Leica EM ACE200 and Leica EM ACE600

  • The element of PerformanceIt's what a Leica coater coats with

    Homogenous, fine-grained carbon coatings for highest resolution analysis for your FE-SEM and TEM applications. Leica ACE Coaters coating methods include sputtering, carbon thread evaporation, carbon rod evaporation, E-beam evaporation and glow discharge. They are also readily upgradeable for cryo SEM sample preparation.