Leica TCS SP8 SP8 Configurable Confocal

Le Confocal Leica TCS SP8 configurable Leica TCS SP8

Image Gallery: Increasing Confocal Resolution Down to 140 nm – HyVolution Confocal Super-Resolution Reveals More Details in Crisp Images

Super-sensitive detection with low noise plus Huygens deconvolution is the key to resolving structures down to 140 nm with a confocal microscope. The result is crisp images full of contrast revealing details, which cannot be seen with confocal microscopy.

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HyVolution – Super-Resolution Imaging with a Confocal Microscope

Since the invention of the microscope, there has been continual discussion about the possibility of showing more detailed features of specimens as compared to just magnifying them. In this article we describe the HyVolution concept and how the combination of confocal multiparameter fluorescence imaging at the confocal super-resolution regime with psf-based real deconvolution allows high-speed multicolor imaging with a resolution down to 140 nm.

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Evolutionary Morphology: Rostock Scientists Clarify Phylogenetic Relationships within the Most Diverse Taxon, Arthropoda

With over a million described species arthropods, which include spiders, millipedes, crustaceans and insects, are the most diverse taxon on earth. The total number of species of these segmented armored animals is still unknown and many of them are still undiscovered. Scientists estimate the number of arthropods of a total of ten to thirty million species.

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Microscopes pour la fabrication de produits pharmaceutiques et chimiques

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