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FOM 2017: A New Benchmark for Imaging from Leica

Uncover the Nature of Life in its true Speed and Color

We are delighted to offer you an exclusive first look at a new generation of Leica scientific instruments. See them at the FOM 2017, 9 to 12 April 2017, in Bordeaux, France.

Life is fast and colorful – to truly understand its nature, you need to keep up. See for yourself how new benchmarks regarding temporal and spatial resolution for parallel color channels help boost your research. See how you can find the missing links, once you have the ability to orchestrate complex experiments at high speed. Come visit the Leica booth, number 80.

Leica instruments presented at the FOM will include:

  • TCS SP8 DLS Digital LightSheet Microscope
  • TCS SP8 with HyVolution 2 Super-Resolution Microscope
  • DMi8 with Infinity modules Advanced Live Cell Imaging System
  • TCS STED with new STED White Objective HC PL APO 93x / 1.3 Glyc motCORRTM for Live Cell Nanoscopy

Don't miss the following talks given by Leica experts:

April 9, 201715:20pm - 15:40pmDeep Nanoscopy in Cleared TissueUlf Schwarz, Global Application Specialist
April 10, 201712:20pm - 12:40pmLight Sheet Imaging Going Versatile: A Leica DLS Case StudyPetra Haas, Product Manager, et al.,
April 10, 201717:10pm - 17:30pmImaging Biological Structures in Their Natural Context: Deep InsightsAndrea Muelter, Manager Application Management