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Find out what HyVolution Super-Resolution can do for your research

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Personal demonstration with your own sample

In your personal demonstration, our application experts will explain how HyVolution provides Super-Resolution for every specimen and every experiment. How to study the rapid dynamics of living cells or colocalization, mage multiple fluorophores simultaneously, and capture intracellular details with resolution down to 140 nm.

Webinar on demand: HyVolution

Webinar on demand: HyVolution Turns Super-Sensitivity into 140 nm Resolution in Multicolor 

In this webinar, Constantin Kappel, Product Manager Leica Microsystems, demonstrates how HyVolution Super-Resolution improves the lateral resolution down to 140 nm laterally and how to acquire multiple colors simultaneously at full speed.

Application note: Increasing Confocal Resolution

Application note: Increasing Confocal Resolution Down to 140 nm – HyVolution Confocal Super-Resolution Reveals More Details in Crisp Images 

This whitepaper illustrates the possibilities of HyVolution Super-Resolution on the basis of different application examples.

Download the whitepaper: HyVolution

Whitepaper: HyVolution – Super-Resolution Imaging with a Confocal Microscope

In this whitepaper, Rolf Borlinghaus, Senior Scientist Leica Microsystems, describes the HyVolution concept and how the combination of confocal multiparameter fluorescence imaging at the super-resolution regime with psf-based real deconvolution allows high-speed multicolor imaging. 

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