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Educational stereo microscope recognized with Worlddidac Award

Award ceremony in Bern, Switzerland held November 8

Silvia Millich and Christian Hofmann happily accepted the Worlddidac Award which recognizes the Leica EZ4 W educational stereo microscope. The Award Ceremony took place in Bern, Switzerland, November 8, 2016.

Silvia Millich, Sales Representative, and Christian Hofmann, Senior Manager Channels EU & Sales Manager A/CH Applied Microscopy accepted the Worlddidac Award for the Leica EZ4 W educational stereo microscope at the Worlddidac Award Ceremony in Bern November 8, 2016 on behalf of Leica Microsystems.

The Worlddidac Foundation has presented the Worlddidac Award, an internationally recognized distinction for educational resources, since 1984. It was created as a motivation for manufacturers to develop innovative, high quality educational products that help promote learning and expand options for teaching.

The Worlddidac Award is based on votings by the public and a jury of teachers and expert: The public voting took place in May and June, 2016. Everybody was invited to vote for their favorite educational products or solutions. A jury of Swiss teachers and international experts evaluated the applications and selected the winners following the period of the public voting in June 2016.


The jury based its decisions on the innovation character and quality of the products, also taking into account the results of the public voting. In total, 32 educational products or solutions were awarded. This list provides details of the winners and the products or solutions which were awarded.

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The Leica EZ4 W educational stereo microscope was exhibited at Swiss & World Education Days 2016 in Bern November 8 to 11.

A total of 32 winners was presented with the Worlddidac Award in 2016. It recognizes the innovative character and quality of educations products and solutions. Copyright Pius Bracher / Worlddidac Foundation