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Highspeed Multicolor Confocal Super-Resolution: HyVolution for Leica TCS SP8

HyVolution is confocal super-resolution for every specimen and every experiment. Study the rapid dynamics of living cells, image multiple fluorophores simultaneously, or capture intracellular details with resolution down to 140 nm.

Confocal resolution down to 140 nm

The HyVolution package combines the Leica TCS SP8 with the unique Leica HyD hybrid detectors, a workflow-oriented software wizard, best in class Huygens deconvolution software embedded via a direct interface into LAS X and CUDA GPU-accelerated computing.

Upgrade any Leica TCS SP8 with HyVolution and also combine it with advanced imaging methods like multiphoton imaging and imaging with the White Light Laser.

Upgrade your Leica TCS SP8 with confocal super-resolution.