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Pharma software - free download of LAS X

Simplify complex analysis tasks and save time by utilizing Leica Application Suite X software integrated with Leica microscopes. LAS X guides you step-by-step through the entire analysis workflow with an intuitive interface for acquisition of multidimensional experiments and powerful analysis wizards.

Leica Microsystems’ modular, easy-to-use microscopes, cameras, and software for drug discovery and research accelerate your workflow by increasing reproducibility and minimizing the need for repeating assays. This allows you to focus on moving your drug to market.

Download free pharma software LAS X

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Microscopy imaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications

LAS X Core Offline software offers the following functionalities

  • Full image viewer including annotations, image overlay, image gallery, and image comparison
  • Review capability for all acquisition parameters
  • Project tree for data management: save, rename, copy, delete, export as tiff, jpeg, QuickTime, avi, mpeg4, wmv, ASCII
  • Access to project conditions for exporting as xml or applying to another experiment

Image Processing & Measurement

  • Adjust contrast, brightness, and gamma on every image
  • Merge, crop, and image arithmetic
  • Intensity, length and area measurements
  • Measurement of area intensities through image stacks
  • Parallax correction

Modular Structure 

  • Possibility to add additional application modules, fully integrated into core application
  • Additional modules will be protected by a hardware license key

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LAS X Core Offline software operates without the need for a dongle.