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Leica IC80 HD – Integrated High-Definition Microscope Camera

Leica IC80 HD: High-definition camera for fast, reliable and ergonomic sample screening

Heerbrugg, Switzerland. The new Leica IC80 HD high-definition camera from Leica Microsystems offers an easy start to the world of full HD microscopy. Viewing their samples direct on a high-resolution screen, laboratory staff obtain fast and reliable results thanks to the full HD image.

Digital live image in full HD quality

The digital microscope camera Leica IC80 HD can either work as a stand-alone solution or in connection with a computer. As a stand-alone camera, it sends a full HD image to any monitor or TV screen with an HDMI port; all camera functions can be operated with the optional remote control. Images and even movie clips are stored onto an ordinary SD card. Using a computer, all camera parameters can be controlled by the Leica LAS EZ software that comes with the camera, enabling easy image processing, measurement and annotation.

Enhanced workplace ergonomics

Unergonomic working conditions soon lead to dwindling motivation, back problems and, often enough, to days of sick leave – investments in ergonomy pay off quickly. It is quite common for laboratory staff to have to spend several hours sitting in the same position at a microscope. This is history since the Leica IC80 HD came on the scene: The high-resolution live image on the monitor provides all the information needed for fast and reliable assessment. And if a 3D impression of a sample should be necessary, the ergonomic viewing tubes of the Leica stereomicroscopes can be adjusted to the viewing height of the user in a matter of seconds. The camera can also be equipped with a footswitch to keep hands free for sample manipulation.

Easy operation and safe investment

For all its technological sophistication, the Leica IC80 HD is still easy to use. This is important in an environment where staff have to operate a high-tech instrument under time pressure. It adapts to individual needs in next to no time and if lab requirements change, Leica Microsystems’ extensive range of accessories is sure to have a solution. The Leica IC80 HD is therefore a good investment in the future.

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