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Leica Introduces DM EP Polarizing Microscope

Wetzlar, Germany / Buffalo, NY, USA

Great Discoveries Begin With Vision

Leica Microsystems announced the release of the Leica DM EP polarizing microscope, a competitively priced microscope that can be used for multiple polarized light applications. It combines strain-free optics and precision-engineered polarizing mechanisms into an ergonomically advanced design that delivers accurate, high-contrast image quality for use in both University and Laboratory settings. The microscope’s adaptable design fulfills the needs of a vast array of scientific disciplines from the earth science, material science, and forensic science fields.

To deliver an advanced polarizing microscopy tool, Leica incorporated a range of exclusive features into the DM EP including, a highly efficient Koehler illumination system that features a 35w halogen bulb enabling 2000 hours of use before replacement, a voltage sensing power supply that delivers optimized light intensity regardless of voltage fluctuations, an Analyzer/Bertrand Lens module with swing-in/out controls, a rotating swing-in/out polarizer and a centerable condenser.

To combat the discomforts often associated with repetitive movements and long viewing periods, the DM EP offers a vast array of features that simplify usage by improving ergonomics, including a 30º viewing angle, fatigue-free focusing mechanisms, a rear-facing nosepiece, a large 180mm rotating stage, polymer hand rests and removable rubber eyeguards.

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