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Confocal Knowledge at a Glance: App on Confocal Microscopy Available for iPad

Published: 28 July 2014

Mannheim, Germany. Leica Microsystems launched the “Confocal” iPad app, which introduces researchers and students of the life sciences to confocal methods and technologies, and provides a bandwidth of articles that ranges from...

The app is interactively linked to Leica Science Lab and Leica Microsystems’ homepage.

It is available for free download via the Apple AppStore.

Articles are accessible via tiles and illustrated with application images and videos. “At present, researchers can find articles on basic confocal...


Get Your Free Poster on Synaptic Vesicle Recycling!

Published: 28 July 2014

This "piece of art" poster shows an illustrated overview of the synaptic vesicle recycling process.


R&D 100 Award for Leica Microsystems’ STED Microscope

Published: 23 July 2014

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X Among the 100 Most Innovative Technologies

Mannheim, Germany. Leica Microsystems’ super-resolution system Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X is among the winners of the R&D 100 Award in 2014. This prize, which is frequently referred to as the “Oscar of Invention”, is awarded annually by R&D Magazine, a publication focusing on latest research and...



Published: 22 July 2014

徕卡LNT提供电镜样品制备全套解决方案,在固体材料样品制备方面也有独特先进的技术。随着科技不断进步,新材料新工艺不断涌现,对材料的显微观察及检测,微观尺度失效分析变得越来越重要。而优异的电镜样品制备技术和手段是获得真实的电镜图像的前提。为了更好地推广我们在这一领域优异的制样技术及产品,分别在北京、沈阳和上海三地组织了系列活动,从2014年6月17至27日,为期10多天。我公司德国应用技术专家Wolfgang Grünewald全程支持。

系列活动的成功举办,也离不开我们核心用户的大力支持。在北京,中科院金属研究所电镜样品制备主要负责人刘晓光老师,中国计量科学研究院纳米所李旭博士做了精彩报告,从他们的实际操作经验出发,介绍了很多EM RES101/TIC 3X/TXP的成功应用实例。在沈阳,我们对老用户进行了应用培训,该活动得到中科院金属研究所沈阳材料科学国家(联合)实验室张磊主任和刘晓光老师的大力支持,从忙碌的日常工作中专门抽出机时,共3台EMRES101,1台EM TIC3X,2台EM...


September 6, Prague: One-day Workshop on Cryo FIB-SEM in Life Sciences

Published: 21 July 2014

International Microscopy Congress (IMC) 2014 follows September 7 to 12

Just before International Microscopy Congress starts in Prague, the preprogram of the congress includes a one-day workshop on Cryo FIB-SEM in Life Sciences in collaboration with Tescan Orsay Holding will provide participants with an overview of the whole process from sample preparation steps to the...