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Leica Microsystems News

A lot happens at Leica Microsystems! Please refer to the news below to learn about latest products and technologies, applications, trade fairs and exhibitions, webinars and workshops. For media enquiries, please use our contact form or get in touch with the Corporate Communications team directly via corporate.communications@leica-microsystems.com.

Webinar: HyVolution Turns Super-Sensitivity into 140 nm Resolution in Multicolor


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Constantin Kappel will demonstrate how to achieve a resolution of 140 nm with the Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope using HyD hybrid detectors and Huygens deconvolution.

Webinar: Advances in Neuroscience: New Methods for Correlating Structure and Function


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kwanghun Chung (MIT) and Christine Ann Denny (Columbia University) will present recent advances in targeted cell labelling, tissue clearing, and fluorescence imaging methods for the study of brain function.

See you at the ELMI 2016 in Debrecen


Debrecen, Hungary, May 24 – 27, 2016. We invite you to gain insight into our recent innovations in confocal and widefield applications and technologies

Imaging of Host Cell-bacteria Interactions using Correlative Microscopy under Cryo-conditions


Martin Strnad, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, explains how he utilized CLEM to investigate interactions between Borrelia burgdorferi and mammalian cell lines.

Inspection of Multilayer Samples - Workflow in Quality Control


A new approach to create an efficient, fast and precise workflow in Quality Control

Quality control of multilayer coatings on metal and plastic samples, like it is daily routine in automotive or microelectronic industry, requires a rather time...

What makes sCMOS microscope cameras so popular?


On high sensitivity for real discoveries. Karin Schwab, Product Manager at Leica Microsystems, talks about the characteristics of sCMOS cameras and how researchers benefit from the latest camera sensor technology in an interview on Science Lab.

How 3D Visualization can Support ENT Surgery and Training


In his Science Lab interview, Prof. Erwin Offeciers, Head of the European Institute for Otorhinolaryngology, Antwerp, belgium, talks about his experiences with 3D visualization in ENT surgery.

Nature Methods Application Note: HyVolution - the Smart Path to Confocal Super-Resolution


In this application note Rolf Borlinghaus and Constantin Kappel explain the HyVolution method, which merges optical and computational super-resolution.

Why Infinity-Corrected Optics Considerably Improved the Functionality of Modern Microscopes


Enjoy reading Christoph Greb’s article “Infinity Optical Systems - From infinity optics to the infinity port” published in the current issue of Optik & Photonik.

HyVolution - Super-Resolution Imaging with a Confocal Microscope


Since the invention of the microscope, there has been continual discussion about the possibility of showing more detailed features of specimens as compared to just magnifying them. Ernst Abbe was the first to explore the issue in depth and found...

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