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Leica Microsystems News & Events

A lot happens at Leica Microsystems! Please refer to the news below to learn about latest products and technologies, applications, trade fairs and exhibitions, webinars and workshops. For media enquiries, please use our contact form or get in touch with the Corporate Communications team directly via corporate.communications@leica-microsystems.com.

Find the Missing Links in Advanced Live Cell Research - Leica launches DMi8 S live cell imaging solution


Wetzlar, Germany – Leica introduces the DMi8 S, a new complete solution designed to give researchers the ultimate tool for fast, versatile microscopic imaging of living cells allowing scientists to find, observe and interact with living cells like...

Unprecedented image fidelity in zebrafish research


New stereo microscope solutions from Leica reveal finest pigments and structures

Free Webinar On-Demand: Analyze grain size on microstructures the way you need


Grain size plays an essential role in the mechanical properties of materials. Leica Microsystems offers state-of-the-art grain detection technology which automatically enhances and accurately detects grain boundaries, with high flexibility to adapt...

From Organic Crystals “in the Rough” to “Prized” Semiconducting Thin Films


Leica Microscopes Help to Advance Nanoscale Electronics

Join the LIVE Webinar today! Enhance Your Imaging with Super-Resolution


Improve Spatial Resolution and Increase Signal to Noise Ratio in Difficult Samples

ELMI 2017 – May 23-26 in Dubrovnik, Croatia


New Benchmarks for Life Science – Join Leica at ELMI 2017, and be among the first to experience two new breakthroughs in advanced imaging systems. See live demonstrations of the DMi8 S advanced widefield solution for live cell imaging, and the SP8...

Meet us at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress 2017


May 22-25, 2017, Arena & Convention Centre, Liverpool, UK

View videos of two membrane peel cases captured with intrasurgical OCT


Visit Science Lab to watch the different stages of two membrane peel procedures captured with EnFocus intrasurgical OCT. See for yourself how en face OCT imaging can provide additional real-time anatomical information

Pinhole Effect in Confocal Microscopes


When operating a confocal microscope, or when discussing features and parameters of such a device, we inescapably mention the pinhole and its diameter. This short introductory document is meant to explain the significance of the pinhole for those,...

On-Demand Webinar: Quality with Confidence - What you need to know about digital microscopes for medical device quality processes


Register on this site to watch the above webinar from Leica at any time

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