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CytoVision® Version 7.3 released

Published: 17.06.13

CytoVision® Version 7.3 released

Leica Biosystems is pleased to announce the release of CytoVision® Version 7.3. Version 7.3 builds on the improvements to cellular FISH scanning and analysis tools introduced in Version 7.2 with new Tissue FISH scanning, capture and analysis tools for FISH paraffin embedded tissue sections.


Cytogenetics laboratories are increasingly expanding their capabilities beyond traditional Karyotyping into performing FISH based assays and supporting pathology with the technical analysis of tissue FISH slides.


CytoVision® version 7.3 offers new levels of flexibility, scalability and accuracy of analysis. The CytoVision® platform was the first to offer high throughput metaphase scanning and analysis by combining our expertise in robotics with the best image quality and analysis tools.

Why upgrade to CytoVision® 7.3?

  • CytoVision® version 7.3 Tissue FISH module is flexible; from fully automated workflows to manually directed capture and analysis.
  • Only CytoVision® allows metaphases for Karyotyping, interphase Spot scoring and tissue FISH samples to be combined in a single unattended scanning session.
  • Works the way you want to with a choice of 3 different workflows for Tissue FISH
    • Fully automated – detects areas etched by a pathologist, optimises scan area, classifies and scores cells ready for review and report.
    • Semi automated – a low power overview scan is shown on-screen for the user to define capture areas on the slide. The slide is then captured and cells classified and scored.
    • Manual capture – for complete control
  • Proprietary Adaptive Image Processing algorithms are used to classify cells based on user defined morphology. Cells that meet the classification are captured and displayed as frames ready for manual or automatic scoring.
  • New Report Tool – reports are now only a few clicks away, cells, scores, pie charts and case details can be easily added to your labs own report templates.
  • Multisession scoring – CytoVision® 7.3 now allows 2 users to score the same case independently then reach a consensus score based on the scores of the 2 sessions and their average.

Find out more

CytoVision® version 7.3 is available with new systems and as an upgrade to existing systems. To find out more and discuss how CytoVision® can help your laboratory please contact your Leica representative.

CytoVision® Version 7.3