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Efficient, Effective, Easy-to-use: Leica L5 FL Cold Light Fluorescence System

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope has become indispensable

On a worldwide level, the unique Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope has become indispensable for qualified research and analysis tasks in genetics and molecular biology. An affordable fluorescence system is now available for daily routine work, such as dissecting, selecting and sorting exprimed models, as well as for forensics and industrial stereo-fluorescence applications. The new Leica L5 FL fluorescence system for blue or green fluorescence can easily be adapted, even subsequently, to Leica S and M stereomicroscopes to be immediately operational. Since no high pressure mercury lamp is used, the Leica L5 FL is very easy to operate and is perfectly suitable for all types of lab work, education and training and as a handy fluorescence set in the field lab.

The complete equipment consists of a comfortable high-performance cold-light source, fiber optic light guide, illumination optics and filter holder. A filter wheel in the cold-light source with five filter holders for excitation, color and daylight filters and a filter changer for suppression filters in the observation beam path of the stereomicroscope allow for very quick changes between fluorescence and bright-field observation. The high luminous 250 W cold-light reflector lamp ensures intensive fluorescence images. The color temperature measures perfect 3350 °K and can be monitored on the LC display.

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