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Fluorescence from 3D to High Resolution: Leica FluoCombi III™

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

The perfect solution is now available

The perfect solution is now available for all fluorescence procedures in the biotech lab, from sorting to assessment: The Leica FluoCombi III™ for the Leica MZ16 F and MZ16 FA fluorescence stereomicroscopes. The Leica FluoCombi III™ allows the user to switch quickly between a planapochromatic 1x stereo objective and a planapochromatic 5x HR (High Resolution) micro-objective. Now, in a single work step, you can sort, dissect, analyze and evaluate expressed drosophila, C. elegans, zebrafish or Arabidopsis with greater efficiency than ever. There is no more need to switch to a light microscope when working with sensitive specimens.

In 3D mode, wide fields of view, large working distances and an exceptional depth of field allow manipulation and dissection. With the planapochromatic 5x HR objective, the user can characterize the finest fluorescent features viewed with the same instrument at microscopic magnification (up to 920x), a resolution of up to 1500 line pairs/mm and a structure width of 0.6 ìm. By using state-of-the art technologies, Leica has successfully increased the imaging performance and correction of the new 5x HR micro-objective while still achieving a large working distance of 19 mm. This is the only objective that is free of vignetting–the high resolution, image sharpness and brilliance of the fluorescence are guaranteed over the entire field of view, all the way to the edge.

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