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Leica Scientific Forum presents Mark H. Ellisman

Published: 29.08.13

September 24-26, 2013 - London, Oxford & Cambridge and September 30 - October 2, 2013 - Paris & Bordeaux

Keynote lecture of Prof. Mark, H. Ellisman

Professor of Neurosciences and Bioengineering and Director of the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) at University of California San Diego (UCSD)

"Multiscale Microscopy of the Brain: Where is the Dark Matter?"


A grand goal in cell biology is to understand how the interplay of structural, chemical and electrical signals in and between cells gives rise to tissue properties, especially for complex tissues like nervous systems.

New technologies are hastening progress as biologists make use of an increasingly powerful arsenal of tools and technologies for obtaining data, from the level of molecules to whole organs, and at the same time engage in the arduous and challenging process of adapting and assembling data at all scales of resolution and across disciplines into computerized databases.  

This talk will highlight projects in which development and application of new contrasting methods and imaging tools have allowed us to observe otherwise hidden relationships between cellular, subcellular and molecular constituents of cells, including those of nervous systems.

New chemistries for carrying out correlated light and electron microscopy will be described, as well as recent advances in large-scale high-resolution 3D reconstruction with LM, TEM and SEM based methods.  Examples of next generation cell-centric image libraries and web-based multiscale information exploration environments for sharing and exploring these data will also be described.


  • Leica Scientific Forum London
    September 24, 16h00 - Chair: Keith Willison
    Venue: Dept. of Physics, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London
  • Leica Scientific Forum Oxford
    September 25, 16h00 - Chair: Ilan Davis
    Venue: Main Meeting Room, New Biochemistry Building, South Parks Road, Oxord OX1 3QU
  • Leica Scientific Forum Cambridge
    September 26, 16h00 - Chair: David Klenerman
    Venue: Pfizer Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Chemistry, Lensfield Road, Cambridge University
  • Leica Scientific Forum Paris I - Institut Pasteur
    September 30, 11h00 - Chair: Prof. Spencer Shorte
    Venue: Auditorium du Centre François Jacob (BIME), 28 rue du Docteur Roux, 75015 Paris
  • Leica Scientific Forum Paris II - UPMC
    October 1, 11h00 - Chair: Prof. Alain Trembleau
    Venue:  Amphithéatre Durand, Bâtiment Esclangon, Université Pierre & Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris
  • Leica Scientific Forum Bordeaux
    October 2, 9h00-9h30
    The Bordeaux lecture will take place in the frame of the Conference: "Frontiers in Neurophotonics Conference" (Official Conference Registration required)
    Venue: Agora du Haut-Carré, Espace AGORA, Domaine du Haut Carré, Campus Bordeaux University, 43 rue Pierre Noailles, 33400 Talence


The members of the Scientific Advisory Board France - Prof. Spencer Shorte (Institut Pasteur Paris), Prof. Alain Trembleau (UPMC Paris), Prof. Antoine Triller (ENS Paris) and Dr. Daniel Choquet (Université de Bordeaux) - cordially invite you to meet Mark Ellisman at the post lecture receptions in Paris for personal discussion.