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Leica Scientific Forum UK with Alan S. Waggoner

Published: 01.11.12

November 12-14: "Fluorescent biosensors and targeted physiological indicators for cell pathways"

Keynote Speaker Prof. Alan S. Waggoner

Director of Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh / US


  • LSF London - Imperial College
    Monday, November 12 – 5:30pm. Chair: Prof. Paul French
    Venue: Imperial College London, Lecture Theatre 3, Blackett Laboratory, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BB
  • LSF Oxford - University of Oxford
    Tuesday, November 13 – 4:00pm. Chair: Prof. Gero Miesenboeck
    Venue: Main Seminar Room, Biochemistry Department, South Parks Road, Oxford
  • LSF Liverpool - Liverpool University
    Wednesday, November 14 – 5:00pm. Chair: Prof. Violaine Sée
    Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, Life Sciences Building, Crown Street, Liverpool L69 7ZB

Lecture Alan S. Waggoner:

We develop fluorescent biosensors toolkits for pathways of living cells, focussing on smart biosensors for high throughput methods. Our biosensor platform consists of Fluorescence Activating Proteins (FAPs) that bind fluorogen dyes with large fluorescence increases.

Sensors have been developed to rapidly and selectively track  FAP labeled proteins such as GPCRs. This platform is proving promising for developing calcium, pH, sodium, potassium and redox sensors that will emit signals only from investigator-targeted regions of a cell. Sensors for protein-protein interactions and protein modification are in progress.

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The members of the Scientific Advisory Board UK - 

Prof. Paul French (Imperial College London), Prof. Antony Galione (Oxford Univ.), Dr. Jim Haseloff (Cambridge Univ.), Prof. David Klenerman (Cambridge Univ.), Prof. Gero Miesenboeck (Oxford Univ.), Prof. Tony Ng (King’s College London), Dr. Violaine Sée, Dr. Bob Burgoyne, Prof. Alexei Tepikin (Liverpool Univ.), Prof. Mike White (Manchester Univ.), Prof. Keith Willison (Institute of Cancer Research London), Prof. Tony Wilson (Oxford Univ.), and Dr. Thomas Zapf (Leica Microsystems)

- cordially invite you to meet Alan Waggoner at the post lecture receptions for personal discussion.


All lectures are free of charge. For organizational reasons please RSVP by e-mail to LSF@leica-microsystems.com.

Prof. Alan S. Waggoner, Carnegie Mellon University