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New HD Products from Leica Microsystems

Bringing High Definition Imaging into the Classroom

The HD camera module Leica ICC50 HD perfectly fits between the viewing tube and the microscope body.

Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Viewing, capturing, annotating, and archiving images has become indispensable for the education of university-level microscopy classes. With a range of new High Definition Imaging Systems Leica Microsystems now introduces an innovative solution for the microscopy classroom. The new Leica ICC50 HD microscope camera and the Leica EZ4 HD stereomicroscope provide outstanding high resolution and fast live images. This allows the instructor and students to work in real time without sacrificing any detail in the specimen. Also, the new freehand drawing features of the microscope software LAS EZ (2.0) foster a creative learning environment. Combined with the Leica IMS500 Interactive Microscopy System, the Leica solution encourages students to take ownership of their images.

These new products complement the already introduced Leica EC3 camera and contribute to Leica Microsystems’ strategy to provide innovative solutions for university microscopy classrooms.

Leica EZ4 HD Stereomicroscope – fast high-resolution live imaging

Top-quality live microscope imaging is critical for displaying fine microstructures. The new Leica EZ4 HD stereomicroscope with integrated camera offers an economical, compact solution for viewing fast live images in High Definition (HD). The complete system allows the user to view specimens on the display and through the eyepieces, with or without a computer connection for versatile workstation possibilities.

Leica ICC50 HD – integrated and modular HD camera

The Leica ICC50 HD is a fast, high-resolution camera module that seamlessly fits into the Leica DM series (DM500, DM750, DM750 M and DM750 P). It delivers up to full HD resolution (1920x1080 Pixel). The user can either display the images on an HD display or save the images directly an SD card.

Leica LAS EZ – Easy-to-use software for the HD generation

Leica LAS EZ software is provided free with every Leica camera. This clever and easy-to-use camera software enables the student to control and capture images, annotate, take measurements and documents her or his project. With version 2.0, free hand annotation is now available on the live and saved image.

Leica Acquire – Providing Leica HD-Quality for Apple computers

Leica Acquire is a basic software for Apple computers. It’s designed for the Leica EZ4 HD stereomicroscope, as well as the Leica EC3, Leica ICC50 HD, and Leica IC80 HD digital cameras. It provides an ideal common, easy-to-use, consistent platform for basic education, industry and life science applications. Leica Acquire guides the user through the camera settings for high quality imaging and allows easy fine-tuning of the image to obtain the best quality.

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