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Paolo Bianchini, IIT researcher wins the TR35 - Giovani Innovatori award for 2013

Paolo Bianchini, a researcher of the Nanophysics Department at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia has been awarded with the “TR35 - Giovani Innovatori” award of 2013.

The award which aims to value research young talents in developing new technologies, has been promoted by the Research Forum, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Padova and by Technology Review Italia, the Italian edition of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology magazine.

Bianchini, 34, has developed a new super-resolution microscope called SW-2PE-STED (single wavelength two-photon excitation stimulated emission depletion) which puts together two advanced imaging techniques based on fluorescence, the optical STED nanoscopy and the two-photon microscopy (2PE). The first one enables to achieve optical super-resolution by breaking the diffraction barrier and giving detailed images of cell assays at nanometer scale. The second one produces images of biological systems, such as single cells, tissues or organs, with a high penetration in thick sample (around 800 micron).

The original device has been described in the paper "Single wavelength 2PE-STED super-resolution imaging", published by the international journal PNAS. As commented by Bianchini, the new device allows the study of biological samples with a very high resolution without damaging them (further details in the following link www.iit.it/en/news/2012-news/1408-the-new-super-microscope-sw-2pe-sted-for-the-future-of-medicine.html).

In the next years this new class of microscope could allow the direct analysis of biological tissues without the use of the biopsy. Several applications will be possible from biomedical research to neuroscience and cancer diseases.

The award’s ceremony has been held on the 4th of May at the University of Padova. Further informations about the Award are available on www.rieforum.org.

This article was taken from www.iit.it/en/news/news.html

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