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Confetti Mouse Small Intestine. CFP, GFP, YFP and RFP
Sample courtesy of Jacco van Rheenen, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Enjoy complete multispectral freedom

The SP8 DIVE comes with a unique non-descanned detection system. Detect up to four colors simultaneously or an infinite number of colors sequentially within the spectral range from 380 to 800 nm.

Track sub-cellular actions in realtime with all current and future markers. Colocalize multiple proteins in deep tissue and track a multitude of cell types in vivo.

With SP8 DIVE you are prepared for experiments with every existing and future transgenic marker!

"The conventional dichroics are never optimal to distinguish all fluorophores, but with the spectral detectors this is now possible and much easier, since we can really optimize the wavelength for each fluorophore you want to detect."

Prof. Dr. Jacco van Rheenen. University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

DIVE with ease – the 4Tune detector

The number of transgenic markers evolve constantly and rapidly.  The SP8 DIVE keeps apace with developments and can adapt to existing and new transgenic marker with just a few mouse clicks.

Such spectral freedom results from the new groundbreaking 4Tune technology for non-descanned detection. 4Tune enables the spectral characteristics of up to four bands to be quickly and precisely tuned. An extensive library of fluorescence spectra acts as a guide to optimize the setup.

SP8 DIVE enables researchers to capture up to 67% more of the fluorescence signal from the investigated marker signal and, as a result, achieve more contrast and depth for multi-color in vivo deep Imaging.

Inflexible hardware filters, long setup times, and limited ability to adapt experiments are no longer a limitation.

Top graph: Rapid increase of markers
Bottom: 4Tune user interface
Maximum resolution (left) & maximum depth (right)

Explore new dimensions in depth

With SP8 DIVE you can tune for deepest insight or finest detail. The beams can be optimally adjusted for each objective with the new Vario Beam Expander (VBE).

The VBE allows for optimized co-localization and the right balance of resolution and depth in line with the research question.

Multispectral in vivo imaging

Multispectral in vivo imaging is available for up to 3 excitation lines and our full IR objective range.

The Vario Beam Expander (VBE) 

  • Tune for deepest insight or finest detail
  • Optimally adjust the beam for each objective
  • Tune for perfect colocalization
  • Precisely control the position of photomanipulation volume
Tunable Vario Beam Expander (VBE)
top: Versatile platform SP8 (left), Nanoscopy (middle), Super-Resolution (right)
bottom: CARS (left), Light Sheet (middle), SMD (right)

DIVE - a member of the SP8 platform

The SP8 DIVE is the latest addition to the established SP8 platform from Leica. The platform can be configured to accommodate different research methods ranging from confocal microscopy with Super-Resolution to STED Nanoscopy.

Open and adaptable to the user’s research

For users, this delivers both versatility and investment protection.

All instruments of the SP8 platform are open and adaptable to the user’s research, both now and in the future.