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More than 25 years of Innovation in Confocal Microscopy

For more than a quarter of a century Leica Microsystems has defined milestones of innovation in confocal microscopy. With every innovation Leica Microsystems has set new benchmarks in the field. These define the concept of a confocal microscope many scientists nowadays have. As much as science strives for continuous improvement so does Leica with its instruments incorporating the latest methodologies to unravel the secrets of nature. The Leica TCS SP8 represents the culmination of this development and is ready to drive new discovery by innovation. 

2014 - 2015

2015 Leica TCS SP8 DLS - First System Combining Digital Light Sheet and Confocal

2014 Leica HyD SMD - Universal High Precision Detector for SMD and Super-Sensitive Imaging

2014 775 nm for STED - Unlocking the full Spectrum of Super-Resolution

2012 - 2013

2013 Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X - Next Dimension in Super-Resolution: 3D and Multicolor Imaging

2012 Gated STED - Gateway to Live Cell Super-Resolution

2012 Leica TCS SP8 - Looking forward to your discoveries!

2007 - 2011

<strong>2011</strong> Leica TCS CARS – The First Commercial Confocal system with CARS technology
<strong>2010</strong> Leica HyD – First integrated Hybrid detector in a confocal for super-sensitivty
<strong>2009</strong> Leica TCS STED CW – Super-resolution confocal applying continuous wave lasers
<strong>2008</strong> Leica SP5 X – The First White Light Laser Confocal with tuneable excitation
<strong>2007</strong> Leica TCS STED – Super-Resolution Microscope
<strong>2007</strong> Leica TCS LSI – The First Super-Zoom Macro Confocal

1998 - 2006

<strong>2006</strong> Leica TCS SPE – The First Personal Confocal with Spectral Detector
<strong>2005</strong> Leica TCS SP5 – The Broadband Confocal with the first switchable Tandem Scanner
<strong>2004</strong> Leica TCS 4PI – The first Commercial Super-Resolution System
<strong>2002</strong> Release of AOBS – Reprogrammable Beam Splitter
<strong>2000</strong> Leica TCS SP2 – First broadband confocal with excitation from UV to IR
<strong>1998</strong> First Spectral Detector in Confocal Microscopy

1987 - 1997

<strong>1990</strong> Leica CLSM Fluovert – The First Inverted Confocal for Live Cell work
<strong>1989</strong> Leica CLSM – The first fully integrated Biomedical Confocal System
<strong>1987</strong> Release of the LPM
<strong>1997</strong> Leica TCS MP – First Multiphoton System with fiber coupled MP laser
<strong>1993</strong> First use of AOTF for laser modulation in a Confocal
<strong>1992</strong> Leica TCS 4D – First 4 Detector Confocal for multi-dye applications