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Simplifier: The Leica DVM6

The Leica DVM6 digital microscope makes it easy for every forensic specialist to obtain relevant results in their examinations of potential evidence. It helps with a variety of microscopy tasks in the analysis of ammunition and tool marks, documents, forensic medicine, hair and fibers as well as glass and paint. 

  • Magnification can be changed seamlessly for examination of samples in overview or detail
  • Software supports users intelligently, achieving repeatable results
  • Outstanding image quality show revelatory details which can help connect evidence with a suspect
Image of a South African 50 Rand bill. The right-hand image shows greater detail after zooming in.

Seamless magnification change

With the Leica DVM6, obtaining an overview and getting down to details is an easy, convenient process.  

  • Three objectives, no interruption: Changing objectives with the Leica DVM6 does not interrupt the workflow – the sample stays in focus, no manual adjustments are needed. And this applies to the entire magnification range from 12x to 2,350x 
  • Three objectives, one hand: Changing an objective in the Leica DVM6 can literally be done single-handedly: Unlock, remove, insert, lock. Done.

Intelligent software 

Repeatability in microscopy gives forensic experts the confidence that a second examination of evidence will lead to the same result as the first. The Leica Application Suite (LAS) X software makes microscopy repeatable, and everyone in the team will get the same results. 

  • Parameter recall: Microscope system settings are stored with every image. Recalling them and imaging a second time works at the click of a button. 
  • Illustrate findings: Multi-focus images and 3D reconstructions help illustrate which pieces of information an evidence yields under the microscope
  • Convenient reporting: The LAS X software is designed for convenient reporting: Results can be exported to Excel and Word with one click
3D multi-focus image of a brass cartridge case showing the firing pin mark.
This animation shows how the image changes when the illumination segment is changing.

Revelatory details

Forensic experts need excellent images that reveal finest details to find answers to their specific questions. 

  • Outstanding optics: All Leica DVM6 objectives are apochromatically corrected and therefore deliver true-color images
  • Insightful tilting: Examining evidence only from a perpendicular perspective may not reveal all details – but tilting helps to get the full picture. The microscope head can be tilted in a range of -60°and +60° 
  • Variable lighting: Illumination is crucial: It determines what can be seen on the image. A variety of lighting modes reveals more details in the evidence, as does combining different illumination modes

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