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Tipping the scales: The Leica DVM6

The Leica DVM6 digital microscope provides you with everything you need to make the right decision fast:

  • Fully reproducible microscopy which yields results you can rely on and reproduce whenever necessary
  • Superb image quality so that your team does not miss any defects in the sample
  • An efficient workflow to meet tight timelines in automotive quality control and quality assurance

Make sure your team’s results stand up to investigation.

  • All tests adhere to the relevant regulations
  • Parameters are identical, no matter who in the team performs the tests
  • You can reproduce and verify the results any time

Parameter auto-store

  • Sensors monitor all critical functions
  • Software automatically stores all microscope parameters

Consistent data quality

  • Software ensures same results for the entire team
  • Inexperienced and experienced users generate consistent data

Parameter recall

  • Recall stored parameter any time
  • Revisit and verify whenever you need to

Make sure your team captures greatest detail.

No irregularity unnoticed – that’s the idea in quality control. You need to ensure your customer receives parts that are safe to build in and adhere to the agreed specifications. Your team needs to see as many details as possible to measure and document defects, scratches, and failures.

Image quality is crucial, because one cannot identify what one cannot see. The Leica DVM6 shows greatest detail, even in hard-to-image samples.

Leica optics deliver brilliant images

All Leica DVM6 objectives reproduce colors faithfully and with rich contrast.

This video shows that brilliant image quality makes it easy to spot details already in the overview of the sample and then zoom into the area of interest for further analysis.

It shows how a sprocket wheel is imaged to identify defects in automotive industry quality control with the Leica DVM6.

Mix illumination modes to see more details

Illumination mode, light intensity and illumination angle influence how much detail a sample yields.

This video shows how different illumination modes of the Leica DVM6 are used to image a metal sleeve, so that any contamination becomes visible in automotive industry quality control.

In the video, we use a ring light with diffusor in order to minimize glare from the metal. In a next step, we add the backlight illumination in order to see into the cavity of the sleeve and explore the inside of the sample.

Trust in what you see with the 10 MP camera

The camera and software are crucial to transform brilliant optical images into outstanding digital images.

This video shows how press fit contact pins are imaged in automotive industry quality control to see if the shapes and alignments of the pins do adhere to the required standards.

The powerful camera captures every detail, and software assists with measurements to show if you meet the standards.

Make sure everything is ready in time.

Tight time lines are a reality. The Leica DVM6 speeds up workflows in quality assurance and failure analysis. You gain time to make the right decision.

Make your team three times faster with

1. Superb image quality

  • Optics show greatest detail so that deficiencies can be identified fast
  • Excellent images over the entire 16:1 zoom range make frequent objective changes unnecessary  

2. Fast one-hand operation

  • Samples can be placed intuitively: move the stage, not the sample.
  • Objectives can be easily changed during operation, and without refocusing.

3. Intuitive Software

  • High-resolution images can be acquired with one click in the Leica Application Suite (LAS) X software.
  • Reports can be generated with one click

Leica DVM6 configurations

The Leica DVM6 is available in three configurations, the Leica DVM6 C, Leica DVM6 S, or Leica DVM6 A.

For more details of these configurations, please see the technical specifications.

More general information on the Leica DVM6