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TV and Digital Camera Microscope Adapters

TV and digital camera adapters (C-mount, B-mount or F-mount adapters) enable video cameras to be connected to Leica microscopes.

Besides establishing a rigid mechanical connection between the microscope and the camera, the purpose of the adapter is to adapt the microscope image (field of view of the intermediate image plane) to the chip of the CCD camera in use.

However, commonly used CCD cameras have extremely different chip sizes, resulting in different photo and picture formats.

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Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right TV or digital camera adapter for your microscope.

C-Mount Adapter
C-Mount Adapter

Instructions Leica TV Adapters (0.27 MB)

<media 19750 - download>List of TV Adapters (0.02 MB)</media>

To guarantee useful TV microprojection in all cases, there is therefore a choice of several TV adapters with different fixed or variable magnification factors.

Adapters with 2-stage imaging (parallel light paths) should be used for 3 chip cameras to avoid colour inhomogeneities or ghost images