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Polarizing Microscope for a Student Friendly, more cost-Effective Classroom Environment Leica DM750 P

The Leica DM750 P is the ideal polarizing microscope for teaching material and earth science in college and university courses for example on crystallography and petrography.

Student-friendly features such as EZStore™ with integrated handle and cord wrap provide easy carrying and easy lifting. A storage compartment for compensators and objective centering tools allow students to conveniently store tools, which reduces loss and replacement costs.

The EZLite™ LED Illumination, one of the teacher-friendly features, provides cool white light with a life-time of over 20 years average use.

EZStore with integrated cord wrap – for safer, two-handed carrying and easy lifting.

Your Advantages

Integrated Handle and Cord Wrap Compensator and tool storage

Integrated Handle and Cord Wrap

EZStore™ design with Handle and Cord Wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting and easy cord storage

Compensator and tool storage

Compensator and tool storage – reduces loss and replacement cost.

Large Stage Aligned Viewing

Large Stage

Large 178 mm diameter stage for easy specimen placement and viewing of calibrations

Aligned Viewing

4-position individually centerable nosepiece for exact durable centration of each objective to the stage rotation axis, for quick and easy change of magnification.

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