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Leica Telatom Industrial & Materials

Automated research microscope for testing radioactive Leica Telatom

Leica Microsystems in Vienna formerly known as “C. Reichert Optische Werke” has 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing remote controlled microscopes for the examination of radioactive materials.

The Leica TELATOM is based on the Leica MeF4 metallograph, and is especially designed and manufactured for optimum shielding and the highest safety.

Leica Telatom

Your Advantages

Safe observation of radioactive specimens

The Telatom is designed for safely observation of radioactive specimens with a total magnification range from 8x up to 3750x. X-ray resistant objectives are included in the basic outfit. Being fully automated and operated from ergonomically control panels allows changing the examination techniques within a second.

Complete system

In conjunction with the Materials Workstation a complete system for image acquisition and analysis can be established.