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Touch Panel
Focus Drive
Adaptive Focus Control
Full Range of Contrast Techniques
Full Range of Condensers
LED Illumination
sCMOS Optimized
Infinity Port
Infinity Port
Lightsource #1
Lightsource #2
Fluorescence Intensity Manager
Filter Cube Turret
24 ms Fast Switching
Spill Protection

As Universal as Your Ideas
As Individual as Your Tasks

The Hardware of the Leica DMi8 System

No matter what type of samples you work with, no matter where your research is headed – Leica DMi8 will be there to assist you: ready to grow, ready to change, ready for brilliant results.

Enjoy the Freedom of Configuration

The Leica DMi8 takes you beyond configuration restrictions. With the freedom of a completely modular system, you can create the perfect system for your needs.

What if your requirements change? No problem. The Leica DMi8 can be upgraded and changed at any time.

With the Leica DMi8, you only buy what you need. If your application would benefit from auto focus or 3D images, you can integrate a motorized focus drive into an otherwise manual system. Or if you need to image in multiple colors, start with a motorized filter wheel and manual focus. With hundreds of possible combinations, you can create the best customized solution for your work.


Our user-friendly, intuitive touch panel reduces training time with clear, easy to follow controls and instrument status information. Moreover, you can personalize the function keys to your preference. Get your results faster and enjoy working with the microscope!

Adjustable touch panel for simultaneous system operation and sample observation.

Intelligent Automation

When you change the contrast method, the microscope automatically adapts the illumination settings, parfocality, brightness, and diaphragm position to that method. These and many other built-in controls make imaging tasks convenient and reproducible.

Touch panel interface for easy operation.

Leica DMi8 Focus Drive

The Leica DMi8 features a new Closed Loop Focus with 20 nm positional accuracy. Combined with an increased travel range of 12 mm, the Leica DMi8 offers high precision 3D image reconstruction of large specimens.

12 mm travel range of the Leica DMi8 Focus Drive.

Leica Adaptive Focus Control

Save time searching for your cells and eliminate photo-toxicity from fluorescent light during focusing.

One click of a button and the LED light beam assisted Leica Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) automatically maintains your focus, in real time.

Working principle of the Leica Adaptive Focus Control.

Outstanding Image Quality

The Leica DMi8 offers the full range of contrast techniques: from Brightfield, Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC), and Phase Contrast to Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), and Fluorescence. With the highest quality imaging options available, see your sample in the best light.

Larva of the species Ceanestheria sp. (Crustacea, Branchiopoda, Spinicaudata) with stained nervous system (red), neurotransmitters (green), cell nuclei (cyan), cuticle (autofluorescence in blue). Courtesy of Dr. Martin Fritsch, University Rostock, Germany.

Flexible Options for Transmitted Light

We offer a full range of condensers for your work, from basic to advanced functionality. Do you need more space for your experiment? You can choose condensers with 80 mm working distance. If you require the highest resolution, choose our oil immersion condenser with an NA of 1.4.

Different options of transmitted light arms and condensers.

Transmitted Light LED

The transmitted light path uses LED illumination for the highest color reproducibility and minimized maintenance costs.

Benefit from the 8 ms fast shutter integrated in the transmitted light LED for high speed time lapse imaging using fluorescence and transmitted light.

Blastocyst Injection. Courtesy of Didier Hentsch, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France.

Fantastic Optical Quality Optimized for sCMOS Cameras

Do you want to see more of your sample with the highest possible resolution? We enlarged the field of view (FOV) for all camera ports. Optimized for state-of-the-art sCMOS cameras, the Leica DMi8 has an expanded FOV of 19 mm compared to 16 mm standard camera ports.

In addition, see more through the eyepieces with up to 25 mm FOV.

Comparison of 19 mm FOV with standard 16 mm camera ports (dashed line).
Mouse embryos. Courtesy of IGBMC, Strasbourg, France.

Infinity Port

Open to even more possibilities, the Leica DMi8 features an additional incident illumination port. Depicting a further acces point to the infinite lightpath, the Infinity Port provides unmatched flexibility along with the highest optical performance.

This novel design facilitates the integration of additional fluorescence light sources and laser systems for advanced applications like FRAP, photo-switching, ablation, Optogenetics, and many more.

Leica DMi8 for Customization

The Infinity Port Connector, along with complete optomechanical design documentation, opens the Leica DMi8 light path to any accessory you want to add.

Attach Thorlabs Cage Systems or Linos Microbench or Nanobench components directly to the Leica DMi8 by simply connecting them to the Infinity Port Connector.

Laser coupling with Linos Microbench components.

High Speed Imaging

To image at the highest speed, external fluorescence filter wheels can be added to the Leica DMi8. Lightweight and small in diameter, they offer precise and fast switching with minimal vibration.

Excitation and emission light can be selected in just 24 ms (acquisition speed: 31 fps), and individual excitation colors can be attenuated just as quickly. When speed is essential to your research, add the external filter wheels to image at the speed of life.

External fluorescence filter wheels.

Flexibility in Fluorescence

Maximize your fluorescence research with the addition of two independent light sources. With the choice of one internal or up to two external apochromatically corrected fluorescence axes, you can integrate the best light sources for brilliant illumination of your fluorescence markers.

Fluorescence Intensity Manager

Leica Microsystems’ patented Fluorescence Intensity Manager (FIM) provides fast, accurate, and reproducible adjustment of fluorescence light intensity to effectively protect a specimen from photo bleaching. FIM recalls the setting for each filter cube – for fast and absolutely reproducible results.

Fluorescence Intensity Manager

Filter Cube System

Newly designed filter cubes in the Leica DMi8 microscope make multichannel time lapse imaging fast and easy. With a switching time of 268 ms and easily exchangeable filters, the filter cube turret is fully equipped for experiments in multiple colors. The robust design of the filter cubes provides perfect image alignment with zero pixel shift.

Easy handling of filter cubes.

Spill Protection

Have peace of mind when it comes to accidental spills while imaging. Add the spill protection module to keep internal components from contact with liquids.

Leica DMi8 with Spill Protection.