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Laser Microdissection Combines High Laser Power and High Repetition Rates Leica LMD6500 & LMD7000

Specimen collection by gravity – contact-free and contamination-free

Laser Microdissection (LMD) makes it possible to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant cells or tissues. It enables the researcher to obtain homogeneous, ultra-pure samples from heterogeneous starting material.

Researcher can selectively and routinely analyze regions of interest down to single cells from all kinds of tissues, even living cells from cell culture, to obtain results that are relevant, reproducible, and specific.

Leica Microsystems offers two systems for LMD:
Leica LMD6500 and LMD7000

Learn more about Laser Microdissection applications on the knowledge portal on microscopy, Leica Science Lab.

Researchers can obtain relevant, high-quality results with the Laser Microdissection System Leica LMD7000.

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Laser Specifications <br/>Leica LMD7000 Laser Specifications <br/>Leica LMD6500

Laser Specifications
Leica LMD7000

Max. pulse energy: 120 µJ

Pulse frequency: 10-5000 Hz

Wavelength: 349 nm

Laser aperture control

Laser Specifications
Leica LMD6500

Max. pulse energy: 70 µJ

Pulse frequency: 80 Hz

Wavelength: 355 nm

Laser aperture control

Images Leica LMD6500 & LMD7000