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Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED Clinical

Advanced Ergonomic Microscope System with Powerful Illumination Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED

The Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED microscopes are the ultimate tools for demanding tasks in life science routine and research applications. With their powerful transmitted light illumination, high-quality optical performance, and state-of-the-art accessories, the Leica DM2500 and DM2500 LED are especially well-suited for challenging life science research tasks that require differential interference contrast or high-performance fluorescence.

The difference between the two microscopes is their illumination: The Leica DM2500 LED is equipped with LED illumination for transmitted light, whereas the Leica DM2500 works with halogen. Both types of illumination render a realistic impression of the colors of the sample, so that users in clinical applications, such as the frequently used HE specimen staining, are able to assess the colors of their samples accurately.

Designed with application-oriented modularity, the Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED can be configured to fit a wide variety of applications and accommodate the diverse physical requirements of individual users.

The microscopes are certified for in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD).

The uniquely ergonomic microscope system Leica DM2500 LED with powerful LED illumination is the ultimate tool for demanding tasks in life science applications

Your Advantages

Constant color temperature with LED illumination The perfect fit

Constant color temperature with LED illumination

An added benefit when using LED transmitted light illumination is the constant color temperature at all light intensity levels. The ultra-bright LED illumination is suitable for all transmitted light contrasting methods. Due to the long life of an LED, Leica DM2500 LED also save the time and money spent on changing halogen lamps.

The perfect fit

Use the unique, height-adjustable focus knobs and easy-to-change stage controls to customize the Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED for individual users. Along with the other ergonomic equipment available, such as tilting tubes, intermediate modules, and a series of brightness-synchronized objectives, users will feel better after a long day of microscopy work.

Clear and bright Details matter

Clear and bright

The high-performance illumination with the DM2500 and DM2500 LED provides an even field of view and is ideal not only for analyzing stained specimens in brightfield, but also for viewing unstained objects in DIC and phase contrast.

Details matter

High-performance fluorescence with Zero Pixel Shift Technology, differential interference contrast, phase, and polarization contrast – Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED offer a variety of application options to meet the challenging demands of biomedical research.

Objectives for all requirements Stay in control

Objectives for all requirements

When the microscope is used for a wide range of applications, a larger selection of high class objectives is often required. To accommodate all necessary objectives at the same time, the innovative Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED feature an optional 7-fold objective nosepiece.

Stay in control

The manual microscope with color coded diaphragm settings makes perfect control of the settings simple. Adjust aperture diaphragm, DIC prisms, fluorescence cubes, phase, and polarization contrast with just a few simple steps.

Share and compare

Share and compare

Make sharing images easy with Leica DMShare. Wirelessly view a live image from the microscope camera on one or multiple tablets with this app-based solution. Available for both iPad and Android tablets.

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