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High Resolution Digital Monochrome Camera for Fluorescence Applications Leica DFC345 FX

2 Mpixel monochrome digital camera for detailed documentation of fluorescence specimen. Perfectly designed for demanding fluorescence applications due to high sensitivity in combination with effective cooling.

Leica DFC345 FX

Your Advantages

2-megapixel CCD sensor with high dynamic range

The extraordinary high dynamic range of > 60 dB and the high sensitivity of the sensor make this camera perfectly suited for impressive and fast fluorescence imaging. Without loosing any detail due to the small pixel size of 4.4 µm.

Active Peltier cooling

Leica Microsystems' method of active cooling via a Peltier element effectively reduces background noise in the image. Due to the combination of low background and high quantum efficiency this camera is ideal for high contrast documentation of even weak fluorescence signals.

Speed of acquisition

Leica DFC345 FX features up to 16 fps at full resolution. The internal trigger capability provides thereby a harmonized interaction with all components of the imaging system like shutters and filter wheels- a prerequisite for real-time, high speed acquisition..

High flexibility

Various binning modes, different pixel clocking rates and the possibility to freely define regions of interests (partial scan) makes this new camera a versatile tool for both - high resolution fluorescence documentation and fast image acquisition for live cell imaging.

FireWire b interface

Ensures fast and reliable data transfer even for demanding high-speed applications. No additional power supply needed.

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