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Product Archive

Leica EC3 Leica MC120 HD Leica DFC290 HD Leica DFC310 FX
Leica EC3 High Speed Digital Color Camera for Basic College and University Courses

Leica MC120 HD 2.5 Megapixel HD Microscope Camera

Leica DFC290 HD Digital FireWire Camera

Leica DFC310 FX Digital Color Camera for fast Acquisition of high-Quality Transmitted light and Fluorescence Images

Leica DFC345 FX Leica DFC340 FX Leica DFC350 FX Leica DC200
Leica DFC345 FX High Resolution Digital Monochrome Camera for Fluorescence Applications

Leica DFC340 FX Digital FireWire Camera Captures High-quality Monochrome Images

Leica DFC350 FX Monochrome digital camera for fluorescence applications

Leica DC200 Compact, integrated digital FireWire color camera for stereo microscopes

Leica DFC360 FX Leica DFC400 Leica DFC420 Leica DFC425
Leica DFC360 FX Monochrome Digital Camera for Ultra fast, high-Resolution Image Acquisition

Leica DFC400 Digital Camera with 1.4 Megapixel for Very Fast Image Captures (Mosaics or Z-Stacking)

Leica DFC420 Digital Color Camera with 5 Mpixel resolution for Image Analysis, Documentation and Presentation

Leica DFC425 Digital Color Microscope Camera with 5 Megapixel Resolution for all Applications

Leica DFC420 C Leica DFC425 C Leica DFC450 Leica DFC490
Leica DFC420 C Digital Camera with Peltier Cooling System Captures High-resolution, Color Images for Analysis, Documentation and Presentation

Leica DFC425 C Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera with active cooling system for all applications

Leica DFC450 Digital Color Microscope Camera with 5 Megapixel Resolution for all Applications

Leica DFC490 Digital Color Camera with 8Mpixel 1-shot resolution for Documentation and Image Analysis

Leica DFC500 Leica DC160 Leica IC 3D Leica IC D
Leica DFC500 Digital Color Camera for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography

Leica DC160 Digital consumer camera Leica D-Lux3 with versatile microscope adapter for easy imaging

Leica IC 3D Digital color camera for stereo microscopes

Leica IC D Compact, Integrated Digital FireWire Color Camera for Stereo Microscopes

Leica IC A Leica ICC A Leica ICC50 HD Leica ICC50
Leica IC A Ergonomic, affordable, high-performance analogue video camera for stereo microscopes

Leica ICC A Ergonomic, Economical, High-performance Video Camera for Leica DM L Compound Microscopes

Leica ICC50 HD HD Microscope Camera

Leica ICC50 Share, capture and archive images - quick and easy

Leica DFC300 FX Leica DFC480 Leica EZ4 D
Leica DFC300 FX Digital color camera (c-mount) for fluorescent applications, very high sensitivity, 1.4 MPixel resolution, firewire interface

Leica DFC480 Digital color camera (c-mount) for all applications

Leica EZ4 D Educational Stereo Microscope with Integrated LED llumination and Digital 3 MP Camera