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Extra-long Working Distance

The accessible sample area is often restricted by collisions of the objective with the sample holder, the edges of a multiwell plate or additional equipment, e.g. for electrophysiology or intravital imaging. Objectives with an extra-long free working distance allow to image also the edges of such samples without restrictions.

Deep tissue imaging by multiphoton excitation or in cleared tissues also requires large free working distance objectives to fully benefit from the optical advantages of those techniques. Here, the need for working distances of more than one milimeter are not uncommon. However, the numerical aperture of the objective still needs to be as large as possible to provide meaningful high-resolution images.

Leica Microsystems offers a range of objectives with exceptionally large free working distance for dry or water immersion. The water immersion objectives with extra-long working distances are also available with a large access angle and an inert ceramic front with minimal electric and thermal conductivity for electrophysiology.

Water immersion objectives with extra-long free working distances:

HCX APO L 20x/1.0 W with M32 thread for use on Leica DM6000 FS and CFS, FWD: 2 mm
HCX IRAPO L 25x/0.95 W with M25 thread for use on all microscopes, FWD: 2.5 mm
HCX APO L U-V-I series, FWD: 2.2 – 3.6 mm

L = Objective with extra-long free working distance