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Leica Microsystems HC System

The Leica Microsystems HC system (Harmonic Compound System) comprises the optical components that have been matched to each other for optimal image generation and are involved in the correction of the optical aberrations: objectives, eyepieces, tube lenses, adapter for camera and TV.


The objective is included in the HC system. 


The objective is also compatible with optics of the past (Delta optics 1991-1997)

The HC system ensures


For the correction of certain optical aberrations, the microscope is considered as a whole system.

Spherical aberrations, coma and axial chromatic aberrations are best corrected at the place where they originate, i.e. in the particular component.

Lateral chromatic aberrations and astigmatism are corrected in parallel in the objective, the tube lens and the eyepiece.

The optimal image result is therefore achieved through the interplay of corrections