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Leica Cleanliness Expert

Quality Assurance Software for Manufacturing Leica Cleanliness Expert

The quality, durability and life cycle of industrial products depend on the quality of the material and the overall cleanliness of its surface or particle load.

If you need to classify, characterize and measure particles or for example evaluate the contamination of cleaning fluids for micro mechanic and engine components, the Leica Cleanliness Expert is a system of your choice: It is a quality assurance software for safety in the manufacturing process and industrial applications. And it will go down to as much detail as you need, measuring particles down to 5 µm size.

While little training is needed to operate the software, measurements of particle length, breadth and height can be undertaken easily in accordance with standards such as the ISO 16232 and VDA 19 – and the software will guide users through the necessary steps.

Quality Assurance Software Leica Cleanliness Expert

Your Advantages

Tailor-made solutions High-throughput automation

Tailor-made solutions

The Leica Cleanliness Expert will fit your requirements precisely as you can choose from various options depending on what you need. The Leica Cleanliness Expert systems are complete solutions and include a microscope, a digital camera and an image analysis system.

With all systems, analyses according to national and international standards can be performed. 

High-throughput automation

The Leica Cleanliness Expert in combination with the Leica DM4 M or Leica DM6 M allows you to measure particle length, breadth and height down to 5µm. The coded or motorized microscope produces fully reproducible settings and ensures there will be as little user influence as possible.

Full manual control Entry-level digital imaging

Full manual control

Also in combination with the Leica DM2700 M, the Leica Cleanliness Expert will measure particle length, breadth and height down to 5 µm. Users who prefer this system have no requirement of coded and motorized functions except for the scanning stage and motorization of the focus drive. 

Entry-level digital imaging

With the Leica DMS300 Cleanliness Expert or Leica DMS1000 Cleanliness Expert, the Leica Cleanliness Expert will provide users with data on particle length and breadth as well as the differentiation between reflective and non-reflective particles. For a manual zoom choose the Leica DMS300 Cleanliness Expert, for the coded version resort to the Leica DMS1000 Cleanliness Expert.