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Leica DMshare

Sharing Microscope Images on an iPad Leica DMshare

Leica DMshare allows the wireless transfer of images of selected Microscope Cameras to one or multiple iPad®.

Leica DMshare provides a live display of what you and the camera can see wireless on one or multiple iPads. This makes it easy to visualize images and share the microscope experience with others. This feature is enhanced further when multiple users are connected to the same camera – an excellent setup for teachingand discussion. Taking a picture is easy; you simply tap anywhere inside a large Live Image area on the iPad screen. This design makes it possible to capture images on the iPad whilst viewing through the oculars of your microscope.

Free Download Leica DMShare iPad app

Sharing Microscope Images. iPad app Leica DMShare

Your Advantages

Ease-of-use Flexible


Simply plug and play once you have downloaded the Leica DMshare app from app store.


The device can serve as an access point where a network is not available or used within wireless networks. 



Each device can be accessed by multiple users sharing the same live image.


Wireless live image makes you independend from your position to the microscope.