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Life Sciences

Unveiling the processes of life is a never-ending challenge. Three distinct software solutions for life science applications by Leica Microsystems support you on your way to new discoveries. Common to all software packages is a strong focus on the application. The structure of the user interface follows the structure of your workflow. 

Leica Application Suite (LAS X) is your perfect partner for the whole spectrum of fluorescence applications on Leica widefield and confocal systems from simple cell culture observation to sophisticated imaging tasks in biomedical research such as single molecule measurements, super-resolution imaging or complex live cell time-lapse experiments. Following data acquisition, LAS X provides processing tools for stitching, deconvolution and real time 3D visualization. The wizard based interface guides users safely and intuitively through data recording and evaluation. Intelligent automation combined with the ergonomic design of LAS X reduces learning and training time thus allowing to focus on the research rather than on the software.

The identical software architecture of LAS X for all Leica confocal and widefield research systems creates ideal conditions for fast and efficient work, which is particularly important in imaging facilities.

Leica LAS AF Software - Advanced Fluorescence

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) microscope software offers fully developed features for visualization, archiving, analysis and detailed documentation of your work at the microscope. The same rule applies for all our software modules: They have to be user-friendly and deliver excellent images and analysis.

LAS combines highly sophisticated image processing functions with automation for routine tasks. It unites the microscope, camera, accessories and image processing to turn them into a fully integrated system.

Leica LAS Easy and Efficent Software