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Materials Sciences

Workflow meets international standards with Materials Science Modules of the Leica Application Suite

Accuracy of the measurements and compliance of the entire system to any standards strongly depends on the optical, electronic and mechanical components used. Leica Microsystems offers the right tools for reliable, high-quality imaging and analysis that meet your specific needs in measurement and documentation – and is a single source for all these tools. Software plays a major role – below you find more information on how various software modules of the Leica Application Suite (LAS) can support your work and make workflows more efficient.

Contact Us For Personal Support

Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscope software solutions for material science.

Leica Quantimet Leica LAS Extended Annotation Leica LAS Interactive Measurement Leica Decarburisation Expert
Leica Quantimet Expertise in Quantitative Metallography

Leica LAS Extended Annotation Embellish Images with text, Graphics and Measurements to Clearly Communicate your Ideas Using

Leica LAS Interactive Measurement Extensive Range of Measurement Types with Uncompromised Convenience

Leica Decarburisation Expert Software Application to Identify and Measure the Depth of Decarburisation

Leica Dendrite Expert Leica Cast Iron Expert Leica Layer Thickness Expert Leica Cleanliness Expert
Leica Dendrite Expert Manual or Automatic, Objective and Repeatable Dendrite Assessment

Leica Cast Iron Expert Automatic, objective and repeatable Cast Iron software assessment to industry standards

Leica Layer Thickness Expert Objective and repeatable Layer Thickness software assessment to industry standards

Leica Cleanliness Expert Quality Assurance Software for Manufacturing

Leica Grain Expert Leica Steel Expert 2.0 Leica Steel Expert Leica LAS Live Measurement
Leica Grain Expert Automatic, Objective & Repeatable Grain Size Analysis

Leica Steel Expert 2.0 Software for modern non-metallic inclusion rating

Leica Steel Expert Software for advanced automatic steel inclusion rating of stainless steel alloys

Leica LAS Live Measurement Measurements by Drawing Directly on the Live Image for Instant Results

Leica LAS Live Image Builder Leica LAS Multifocus Leica LAS Montage Leica Map
Leica LAS Live Image Builder Dynamic Software for Extending Images

Leica LAS Multifocus Create a Single Sharp Image, Effectively Extending the Depth-of-Focus of the Microscope

Leica LAS Montage Extended Focus Imaging That Adapts to the Most Demanding Imaging Conditions

Leica Map Surface Imaging and Metrology Software

Leica LAS Power Mosaic Leica LAS MultiStep Leica LAS MultiTime Leica LAS Image Overlay
Leica LAS Power Mosaic Creates Massive Mosaic Images

Leica LAS MultiStep Easily Captures Images Larger than the field of view

Leica LAS MultiTime Captures Time-Lapse and Movie Images

Leica LAS Image Overlay Creates Overlay Image from Multiple-wavelengths for Sublime Visualisation

Leica LAS Reticule Leica LAS Image Analysis Leica LAS Macro Editor Leica Phase Expert
Leica LAS Reticule Your own reticules shown on the live image for easy comparison

Leica LAS Image Analysis Multiple Feature and Particle Detection, Measurement and Evaluation

Leica LAS Macro Editor Customised and Automated Image Processing for Quantitative Microscopy

Leica Phase Expert Multiple Phase Area Percentage Measurement & Analysis

Leica LAS Store and Recall Module Leica LAS Archive Leica LAS Web Share Module
Leica LAS Store and Recall Module Leica Microscope Assistant

Leica LAS Archive Data Management Solution Organizes and Stores Data for easy Access

Leica LAS Web Share Module Share your LAS Images in real-time with Colleagues over a Network