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Manual or Automatic, Objective and Repeatable Dendrite Assessment Leica Dendrite Expert

Leica Dendrite Expert provides a comprehensive solution for the microscopic analysis of Dendrites in metals and alloys.

In semi-automatic mode, the user identifies the dendrites, and the dendrite arm spacing is determined automatically on suitable specimens. The results are presented graphically so the spacing distribution can be seen. The manual method allows the user to draw the dendrite length and enter the arm count from which the dendrite arm spacing is derived.

In both methods a report is generated in Excel.

Leica Dendrite Expert

Your Advantages

Step-by-step operation

The operator is guided through the necessary image processing and analysis steps, producing consistent, repeatable results with minimum effort.

Dendrite Arm Spacing

The arm count and position is shown overlaid on the original image for immediate identification and confirmation.

Versatile Reporting

Report templates can be configured to laboratory requirements using Microsoft ® Excel™ to exactly match the needs of the laboratory.

Totally Integrated Solution

With the combination of Leica microscopes, Leica digital cameras, image analysis expertise and system automation, you benefit from a truly integrated solution from one manufacturer.