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Automatic, Objective & Repeatable Grain Size Analysis Leica Grain Expert

Grain size analysis is used in the evaluation of the properties of materials helping to determine the characteristics of the final product.

Leica Grain Expert offers the user a comprehensive selection of grain size analysis techniques. The user can be confident that the analysis process conforms to their particular laboratory requirements by the incorporation of industry standards.

Images are provided by the Leica Application Suite that integrates the latest advances in automated microscopy, computing and digital image analysis. Grain boundary identification is performed rapidly by sophisticated image processing allowing the operator to review the results in seconds.

Leica Grain Expert

Your Advantages

Confidence in Conformity

Leica Grain Expert complies with a wide range of appropriate grain standards including ASTM, JIS and ISO, giving users increased confidence in their results.

Step-by-step operation

The application wizard quickly guides the operator through the necessary image processing and analysis steps, producing consistent, repeatable results with minimum effort.

Automatic boundary identification

The almost instant identification of the grain boundaries allows the operator speedily confirm the results.

Versatile Reporting

Report templates can be configured to laboratory requirements using Microsoft ® Excel™ to exactly match the needs of the laboratory.